Services overview

The network plays an increasingly vital role in developing corporate businesses and realizing corporate strategic values. In order to help companies to accelerate their success with advanced technologies and to improve their network’s business value and return on investment, TECIU Networking Systems Co., Ltd. takes a lifecycle service approach to help customers in lowering investment in network systems deployment, maintain and staff training, increasing availability of customer’s network systems and improving agility of network systems to customers’ business.

In order to help customers to achieve network-related business goals, TECIU can offer extensive, diverse and high-quality services throughout all six distinct phases of the entire network lifecycle: prepare, plan, design, implement, operate and optimize. So that failures resulting from unprofessional services can be avoided and various risks that may affect customer’s network operation as well as the potential losses can be eliminated.

TECIU—Services Overview

TECIU carries out every activity performed at every juncture of network lifecycle with a high level of skill and consistency and aligns corporate business goals and technical requirements throughout the six phases of network lifecycle:

  • Establishing overall network goals and architecture
  • Assessing existing environment
  • Designing network systems with customer’s requirements
  • Offering integrated network solutions
  • Maintaining network reliability
  • Optimizing network operation efficiency

This approach helps companies to operate complex network and to optimize business process in a simple way.

Services offered by TECIU include prepare, plan, design, implement, operate, optimize, management outsourcing, financing lease and training.

The excellent service capability of TECIU originates from a balanced service framework consisting of system tools, process and service staff.

Advanced and reliable system tools:The service management platform and tools independently developed by TECIU (such as: “project management system” and “service request management system”) are the bases of the standard operation of TECIU services and also the guarantee of the high-quality delivery of TECIU services. This system connects TECIU’s nationwide service centers with corporate business systems via the network, and collects and processes information during the service in a real-time manner so that the company can effectively control service quality. In addition, the customers of TECIU can also obtain fast, convenient and intuitive service experience via TECIU service portal(

Consistent and recognized processes: TECIU services are built to the standards of PPDIOO, ITIL and other industry standards-based frameworks and methodology. The principles and practices which TECIU use through the entire lifecycle approach to the network includes plan, implement, operate and optimize. TECIU also follows out the policy of prevention first, adopts a proactive management process to minimize risks, and ensures the high quality of its services through SLA management;

Professional service staff: TECIU owns a professional and experienced technical team. The members of the team hold various kinds of specialized technologies and project management certificates. TECIU pays much attention to technicians’ professional training and knowledge sharing, ensures the improvement of technicians’ specialized knowledge and skills through constant training and teamwork, which supports the services for customer. In the recent years, in order to meet the customers’ need for a converged and complex network, the senior experts of TECIU can also provide customers with original and in-depth consulting service in a growing list of advanced technologies that includes security, unified communications, wireless LAN, application delivery and storage networking.

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