Relocationof Computer Room System

IT computer room relocation service solutions are provided for the smooth, orderly, efficient implementation of the relocation work of IT assets (server, network and other devices) in the computer room, so as to ensure the stable relocation from original room to the new room, recovery, and operation of IT devices. Room Relocation

Device relocation of business system consists of preliminary investigation preparation, effective backup of system before relocation, development and testing of contingency plan, construction and installation of system after relocation, testing of system integrity and establishment of effective monitoring mechanism, etc. Every step shall be well-planned and implemented in strict accordance with the plan, as any errors in the link will affect the schedule of the entire relocation and increase risk. Therefore, before providing client with relocation solutions, TECIU will make careful plans and formulate documentation, which shall include accurate timetable for relocation implementation and the specific implementation step as well as contingency plan in case of contingency.

Relocation process of the system is usually divided into three stages – planning, testing and implementation, as shown below.

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