Planning & Designing Service

The services refer to the professional services of upside concept design to downside detailed design and from network system optimization and integration design to network security enhancement design in line with realities. They may cover consultancy services such as network planning, router strategy designing and configuration designing. Based on its experience of dozens of large-sized key projects in various industries, TECIU can offer perfect & professional solutions in line with customers’s business realities so that customers’ businesses can run smoothly on network platform.

TECIU—Planning & Designing Service

Network Planning Service: if a customer has the demand for establishing network or upgrading current network, TECIU can assist the customer in surveying the operation status of the existing network, assessing data flow of different businesses, finding out shortcomings in the network, offering advice on network upgrading or re-constructing new network and presenting a complete proposal in line with the customer’s needs and development trend of existing technologies.

Network Designing Service: in line with the customer’s demands for constructing new network, its current network status, business characteristics, network development trend and budgeting for new network or network upgrading, TECIU can formulate cost-effective project proposal, plan network topology, and participate in pre-sales technical discussions.

It also involves Consultancy Service prior to Project Execution: many customers can’t envision project results in pre-sales stage, or are uncertain of project technical feasibility, or fail to tell which technical program is better. At this stage, even though TECIU does not participate in project execution or maintenance, yet the customer can choose TECIU to analyze network status and business flow, clarify technical details in project execution and its feasibility and assess cost-effectiveness of project programs so that TECIU can provide the customer with most thoughtful consultancy service and help the customer to choose the best project service provider.

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