Operation and Maintenance Support

With the rapid development of IT technology and the increasingly complex of network system, the demand for the operation and maintenance support for the system has become higher and higher. A sound operational monitoring system can identify the problem as early as possible, increase fault response speed, shorten the processing time of fault, and thus improve the availability of business system.

TECIU takes advantage of its experience in IT professional service to establish or improve operational monitoring system and service for clients, so as to improve the operational quality of the client’s IT system.

TECIU—Operation and Maintenance Support

The operation and maintenance support service provide by TECIU includes:
On-site Operation and Maintenance Support
Depending on the specific needs of the user, TECIU will send one or more engineers possessing the appropriate skills, who will provide continuous on-site service from the date of the contract according to the client’s daily routine. During the period, the engineer will conduct real-time inspection, monitoring, troubleshooting, and provide regular service report for client as per the agreed service system.
The on-site operation and maintenance support service allow the clients to extricate themselves from the complex operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, so that they can focus on the IT management and application work related with the enterprise’s own business logic.
If the user has constructed a relatively complex network system, but in lack of professional technical personnel to implement refined management, the on-site operation and maintenance support service can effectively solve the problem in such case.

Network Health Check
Through collection and analysis of the operation condition of the client’s network device, check the operation condition of software and hardware, detect possible faults in real time, locate network bottlenecks, so as to improve the efficiency and reliability of the network system.
Network health check is usually conducted on a regular basis, and a health check repost will be submitted after the completion.

Spare Parts Support
Based on consultation with the client in advance, determine the device models needed and prepare spare parts In the event of fault found in client’s device, replace the device and recover the system operation as soon as possible.

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