Network Architecture

Challenge Faced by Data Center
Along with the development of the demand of various business applications for IT, demand of the business department for resource is increasing in a geometric ratio and the traditionally separated IT architecture that cannot be effectively integrated becomes unable to deal with the huge challenge from the business expansion in the future. Network architecture of the new-type enterprise data center requires the base physical resource to be the circulating “resource pool” for the upper layer of business application that all necessary network hardware resources, computing resources and storage resources for the application shall be utilized according to the demand, and the fundamental network resource shall be distributed according to the demand, scope and operation mode of the application; once the business is changed, the resource may be conveniently recycled to fulfill other application demand. It can be seen that the open, integrated and service-oriented design concept is bound to be the best means to solve the pressure of resource and cost brought by the alteration and rapid development of the business.

Network Architecture

Data Center Network Architecture Solution
Once the business has been developed to a certain scale and the application data needs to be centrally stored and securely administrated, it is necessary for the enterprise to establish its own data center to provide the secure, reliable and controllable all-weather service to various branches and partners. Network architecture of the data center divides different service modules according to the business mode, application demand and security level, general including: core exchange area, application service area, WAN access area, extranet access area, Internet access area, function exchange area, disaster preparation access area and operation management area.

Since the large-scale popularization of LAN, the most obvious change of data center is the integration of IP and storage network that grants the data center with capabilities of integration, virtualization and automation while providing the original service, and makes the data center green and environmental.

Rapidly changing commercial demand requires the new-type enterprise data center to be highly flexible and adaptive and rapidly changes according to the external demand. Rich Cloud Technology will combine the current application situation and business development trend of the customer to constitute by the best practical experience a new-type network platform of data center that contains high efficiency, high integration, high performance, network architecture layering and modularization.

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