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Network Architecture Optimization
Basic network communication system is the lifeblood of enterprise applications. Unsmooth information exchanged, instable network system operation and other problems will occur in case of unreasonable network architecture. Especially in the rapid development of information technology, the network system and application are the integral parts of the enterprise. In order to better assist the corporate IT personnel in rational and efficient use and deployment of its own network, TECIU will provide corporate clients at all levels with enterprise-class and data center-class network architecture optimization services. We will approach clients by field research to get an in-depth understanding of the service condition of the user’s existing network. For information obtained by the research, we will confirm with the user for its correctness, and then draw detailed topology map for the entire network accordingly. Based on the best practices implemented and deployed for the network over the years, we will propose optimization recommendation for the network architecture directed against the user’s actual situation.

Application Architecture Tuning
The business and application of the user are becoming increasingly complex. The IT infrastructure architecture of enterprise in the past, as well as the applications and businesses carried on it, are far from matching up with those of the current information age. As the applications become vital and more and more difficult to control, there is a need for a clear understanding of the flow of data delivered by the enterprise application and the time effectiveness and high availability of application response.

To assist enterprise to better adapt to the current reality which features rapid development and ever-changing business, TECIU takes advantage of the accumulated industry experience over the years to provide clients at all levels with enterprise-class and data center-class comprehensive application architecture analysis, including application data flow, business interaction logic. In addition, it effectively integrates application optimization technologies at different levels, patches and tunes the missing application architecture in the existing network of enterprise, so that the enterprise IT personnel can better control and make the best use of the network infrastructure, improve application delivery and data management capabilities.
Tuning of application architecture includes:

  • Global redundancy between sites
  • Local load balancing of server
  • Optimization at data application level
  • Optimization at data application level
  • Web Application Security

Through the rational use of the Web application level security products to protect Web against complex and secretive attack, online identity theft and leakage of application data. Several configuration options are available, including Layer 2 bridging mode, reverse proxy mode and offline sniff mode.

TECIU—IT Optimization

Database Security Audit
This type of security products can provide automated database auditing tool, which can give user an in-depth knowledge of and protect the database platform which is most critical for enterprise, help users perfectly complete various requirements as per regulations, including initialization , continuous database assessment, control, auditing, monitoring, and risk measurement .

Database Firewall
It can provide protection and control for the database architecture and access to sensitive data. The control range can be refined to each application, each user, each query for security protection. A multi-layered defense is provided for the various security vulnerabilities in the database, including security threat signature, attack correlation check, database protocol analysis, etc.

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