Based on the demand of all types of clients, TECIU will conduct field research for the network architecture and application data flow of enterprise, provide professional consulting service on system and network design, system and network performance optimization, database optimization, system and network maintenance services, etc. according to the client’s business model, integrate the routing and switching resources, server application resources, WAN link resources dispersed in various physical locations into a stable, efficient, safe and controllable network architecture.


The use of network virtualization technology can effectively improve the network architecture and optimize data transmission. The virtual switching technology can make it possible to disregard the physical existence of the switching service when using switching resources – it could be one or two switch device, or it may be even one of the several virtual switches.

As the requirements of continuous growing and concentrated business for the IT sector, especially the server, storage and other devices which carry critical business applications, become higher, the IT sector shall meet the business applications, change with the needs and be able to achieve system flexibility and rapid response. Besides, it shall significantly improve resource utilization, reduce costs, and enhance the availability of systems and applications. All these requires enterprise data network to provide application service capabilities in a more rapid way. But if purchasing servers to deploy in each individual application, it would not only increase the procurement cost and operation cost, but also bring more power and cooling expenses, besides, the server has not been fully utilized.

In normal condition, only 5-15% of the workload of enterprise server is used, which leads to a large number of hardware, space and power waste. At the same time, due to application compatibility, IT staff can only operate different servers in difference places to isolate applications, which will in turn lead to the growth of the number of servers. The purchase of new server is a lengthy, labor-intensive process and often requires several days or even several months for consideration and operation, which makes it more difficult for IT department to cope with the rapid growth and changing needs.

Based on client’s actual application scenarios, business type and data flow analysis, TECIU will evaluate the operation method and utilization rate of the enterprise IT application facilities, provide client with complete network integration, serve integration and storage integration, so as to improve the current situation of enterprise IT devices which are scattered, idle and in storage silos.

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