To secure the invincible position in an increasingly competitive environment, the enterprise shall improve its self-competitiveness through optimizing process and enhancing business performance. A large number of IT technologies are adopted as the source for the development of the enterprise business.


Through product technical training, field use, re-training, and other processes, the professional training of TECIU will help the enterprise employees quickly learn and apply new technologies, so as to meet the requirements of enterprise for the job. TECIU will customize professional training for products of IT manufactures for the client.

Basic training steps are as follows:

  • Develop the training programs for the product of original manufacturer
  • Professional training content
  • Develop training method

Training is divided into two stages: on-site training and training program of manufacturer.
On-site training: training personnel in practical operation, testing and trouble shooting on site.
Training program of manufacturer: centralized training conducted in the designated place by the manufacturer.

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